Hello! My name is Leonardo C Villalobos and I am a first generation latin
student enrolled in CSin3, an accelerated computer science cohort program
offered by Hartnell College and CSU Monterey Bay (CSUMB). I am currently
in the process of earning my B.S. in Computer Science, while attempting to
master the concepts introduced in C++ and Python.

I/O Chatbot

A basic I/O chatbot I created during my senior year in high school with two other individuals for AP Computer Science A (AP CSA). This program checks for certain keywords input by the user and formulates a response with user-defined string traversing algorithms.

2D Platformer Game

This is the final project I completed for the Google-sponsored Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI). I worked on this project in a small group of three, and together we applied the skills we learned to create the final product. This program uses object - oriented concepts and the p5.js library.


This is the final project I built individually for the AP Computer Science Principles "Create Task" using Code.org's AppLab. I built this program to demonstrate my understanding of logic, functions, variables, and other programming fundamentals. This is the first coding project I have ever developed independently.